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Compliance & advisory

Expertise in Compliance & advisory

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Blockchain security services

Expertise in Blockchain security services

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Cybersecurity training & awareness

Expertise in Cybersecurity training & awareness

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Responsible disclosure program

Recruit Responsible disclosure program

{apppName} has built strong connections with certified Responsible disclosure program specialists

The vast majority of those candidates have all completed BS/MS in Computer Science. In order to remain up to date on the latest technologies, they are asked to complete on-going studies within their respective fields of specialty.

Our services include Responsible disclosure program, Managed security services, Cybersecurity training & awareness, GDPR Compliance, CSIRT, Compliance & advisory, Policies & procedures, Social engineering, Blockchain security services, Penetration Testing, Security code review, Consultancy

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We help you establish relationships in {country} and use employees retention techniques to ensure team loyalty.

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Our hiring process is strict. We do extensive testing to only keep the best.


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We have a simple 5 step process in place. You reach out to us with your need, we agree on our collaboration, then you send us your job descriptions, we help you source the talent, send you resumes of potential candidates. If you decide to move forward with a particular candidate, you make an offer, if the offer is accepted, we reached our objective.

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